Modular Kitchen

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L-Shaped Kitchen

It is best for a small kitchen where less space is available. Straight or linear kitchen will construct in a straight manner for keeping all utensils, appliances within easy reach. If space is constraint sliding doors are used. Because hinge doors take more space and which makes movement difficult.

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U-Shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout used in a big kitchen. It is ideal for two cooks. This kitchen has more counters, cabinets running around three sides. Two people can work freely without disturbing each other. The area of one wall is for cooking, one is for kitchen appliances and the third one for dishwashing.

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Straight Kitchen

This type of kitchen is used for both small and big kitchen. It consists of two walls will be constructed in an l-shaped manner which makes up the workspace. Recently this type of modular kitchen is more popular. Because all electric appliances, grocery put into systemically way.

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Parallel Kitchen

This type of layout two long working areas facing each other against two walls .it is used in long and narrow kitchen spaces having maximum storage space. One part is used for cooking and other used for electric appliances.

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